The Childhood Project

The Childhood Project is committed to bringing awareness to the subtleties and strength of our experiences as children and dedicated to all of the ways our memories inspire our lives- and contribute to larger ambitions.

The mission of this project is to examine the extraordinary affect childhood has on our life and culture. We hope to recruit celebrities, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, interesting characters, and community members to share their memories and inspirations.

As a professional journalist, I have interviewed many artists and cultural contributors. One of the most fascinating and revealing aspects of biographical storytelling is the opportunity to explore the roots of a person. Childhood memories and seemingly insignificant incidents stay with us and become part of the ambition that forms our adult selves. For instance: the cool slip of a mother’s elegant silk dress or excursions into the wondrous woods that fill a mind with mystery. Early artistic inspiration presents itself in myriad forms and has an indelible impact on the choices we make in our lives.

The initial artists behind The Childhood Project, Brooke Schooles, Laura Petrilla, and Kathleen Lolley , are producing a series of multi-media interpretations that reflect their own early memories. With increased financial and artistic contributions, we hope to expand the collection and include work from a wide variety of creatively inspired former children.

I have started collecting contributions from some of my interview subjects, including jewelry designer Kara Ross and actor/producer David Arquette. We would like to expand the project by developing a platform to allow readers to add their own memories.

Eventually, The Childhood Project aims to become a catalyst that highlights and aids established programs and foundations that are working to bridge the opportunity gap that currently exists for so many young families. Childcare services and financial aid for early education are virtually nonexistent for parents who are struggling to stay in school or trying to keep a job. The Childhood Project and Accidental Mama wish to join the ranks of those rallying to help parents cope because raising kids is tough and magical at the same time (and no one can do it alone.)

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