David Arquette: Actor, Producer and Ecomom

David Arquette: Actor, Producer and EcomomDavid Arquette: Actor, Producer and Ecomom

D avid Arquette seems to be everywhere these days, but what I love is that the multi-faceted celebrity is finding positive ways to participate in honorable causes. One of his most gracious attributes is that he is a ferociously humble man.

The second time I ran into David Arquette this year was at the Julep Ball during the 2012 Kentucky Derby. The first time was in the basement of Milk Studios during Fashion Week Fall 2012 at a secret little bar for an after-party event. I couldn’t think of anything to chat about, but babies. He politely declined numerous offers for drinks, while shaking hands with a few introductions made by members of his entourage.

When I saw him in Kentucky at the ball he was graciously engaging in conversations with fans without his followers in tow, however, I still had nothing but babies on my mind. I was really thankful he didn’t mind my mommy brain.

“I love babies. They are so close to God,” he replied with a beaming smile.

Then I asked him if there was a memory from his childhood that stuck with him today in his role as an entertainer.

“There was this terrible teacher in the first grade who took me into the second grade class and told me to tell them what I wanted to be. And I said a clown and everyone laughed. But I guess in some ways I am.”

David Arquette & the Disco Indian/ Accidental Mama

Arquette just announced on the Today Show that he is working with Ecomom.com and there Its All Good program that donates food to feed hungry children around the country.

In his Today Show interview he mentioned that giving good food to kids hit home for him because when he was a kid that needed meal tickets for lunch.

Hats off to Arquette for being so active and giving of his celebrity.




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