Tips from the world of not-so-perfect parents who change diapers in Viennese bars and have kids that pee in the middle airport security screenings.

Dedicated to the often hilarious comedy of errors and adventures that occur when travelling with children, JetWetters features travel stories and alternative recreation ideas for fabulously flawed families.

JetWetters offers first-hand experience and insight regarding global destinations, in addition to acting as a discussion forum for issues regarding airlines, hotels, babysitting services, gear rental, and special deals.

My goal is to invite parents to submit their own tales of harrowing adventures and blissful journeys as we create a community devoted to the sharing of insider info and cultural tips.

For instance, I have been a fan of visual art much longer than I’ve been a mother. When I travel, I would love to know what galleries to visit, with my kids in tow, and actually enjoy myself without being on edge. I adore boutique hotels and creative restaurants, but I need to know which ones will welcome my very young children. Accredited babysitting services are high on my list of needs as well.

I want to feature helpful tips and product reviews that ease the pain of traveling. I hate nothing more than lugging around car seats along with a full purse of toys. I want to hear what is working for other families out there.

JetWetters aims to one day become an app that delivers all the above, at your fingertips– wherever you may be. At this point, we are still building our database of tips and stories, so please enjoy them here at