About A.M.

Image by Laura PetrillaWhen life transitions from party time to poopy diapers Accidental Mama is the alternative voice for parents who are unwed, wed, single, double, or just hanging in there.

More than just a blog, A.M. is building projects that are dedicated to the nuances of childhood and parenthood. This is a place to be honest, to laugh at our misfortunes, and to lend a hand– because no one should be alone in accidentally screwing up someone’s childhood.

A.M. is also about community connections and collecting stories from the fringe of parenthood. Whether we are slammed into parenthood or just surprised by its massive responsibility, A.M. is about collecting those stories and lending whatever advice or funny insight that we can all share.

The retro style of A.M. recognizes a time when “accidental” parenthood was taboo. Plus, it’s really fun to dress up when you normally have snot stains on your hem.

Sarah Lolley became an “Accidental Mama” on the tail-end of her life as an entertainment/nightlife reporter. After all the wonderful misadventures of dating and nightlife, she abruptly became pregnant and married (in that order), then pregnant again… and again.