Musician Sarah Hudson growing up with celebrity Godparents

Musician Sarah Hudson growing up with celebrity GodparentsMusician Sarah Hudson growing up with celebrity GodparentsMusician Sarah Hudson growing up with celebrity Godparents

I magine yourself the daughter of a famous music producer Mark Hudson with godparents Goldie Hawn and Ozzy Osbourne. As a child you get to witness Ringo Starr andChermaking music in the studio as well as Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Your mother is a dancer and encourages you to express yourself creatively as an artist. You even get to sing back-up vocals on record albums as a kid. This is the rockstar box you were born in if you are Sarah Hudson of UltraViolet Sound.

“Cher was kind like a mentor,” she says of her childhood. “We spent a lot of time together when I was nine or ten. We had this strange connection, we would go bowling or to the beach, or we would make necklaces.” Their bond grew asCherwould take her to rehearsals and let her hangout with dancers. “Looking back I realize that was an once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

During the same period, she decided to dress up as Cher for Halloween. “She let me come to her house and wear one of her wings and jewelry. I was a ten-year-old kid in a candy store, actually getting to pick out one of her real wigs that I wore for Halloween. It was crazy.”

Her relationship with fame is even more storied with godparents like Ozzy Osbourne and Goldie Hawn. Despite the infamy of Ozzy and the profound celebrity of Goldie they are simply family to her. She doesn’t hold any lofty pretentions about discussing them.

“Ozzy gave me this necklace of his,” says Sarah.  “He was wearing it and I was fascinated with it. I am going to sound horrible, but I don’t remember the animal it came from. It is a huge tooth, it has to be from some kind of tiger. It had gold around the top and all these tiny little stones around the top and it was on this incredible vintage chain. He probably got it inAfricaon one of his many travels, but I cherish that”

From Goldie she received a little heart with rubies in it for her Confirmation fromCatholicSchool. “I don’t have any other diamonds. All my jewelry is like costume jewelry, it’s like grandma jewelry. Besides my parents’ wedding ring everything else I wear is plastic and the size of a car.”


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