Becoming Mama starts before Birth 

Shining Light Prenatal Education celebrates their first year.

~~~by Sarah Lolley~~~

Deena Blumenfeld’s Inspiration from Sarah Lolley on Vimeo.

It seems like yesterday I was waddling into Deena Blumenfeld’s prenatal yoga class to calm my hormonal nerves because, well, drinking was not an option. Her Thursday night class was the best hour of my pregnancy and I found myself missing class when my second pumpkin popped; so I got pregnant again just to come to class.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. I got pregnant because my husband and I are recklessly in love – something like that anyway. Regardless, Deena’s classes were always informative and an invaluable part of my journey into becoming mama again, and again.

A year ago Deena decided to open up her own Prenatal Education studio. Now Deena’s community of prenatal yoga students is so much more than a roomful of breathing women in warrior position. Shining Light provides “Mama & Me Yoga” as well as “Artful Mamas Painting” classes that continue the maternal conversation beyond the labor pains.

Best Yoga Position for Prenatal Moms and Mommy & Me classes from Sarah Lolley on Vimeo.

Back in the day, like five years ago, I forced my doctor husband to attend infant care classes at West Penn Hospital because I didn’t believe his medical degree included diaper changing. Deena was teaching at Schoolhouse Yoga.  Now in her Lawrenceville studio, Deena offers courses for parents with a lot more Zen and consideration of different approaches to delivering a baby and caring for your poop factory.

If your partner is reluctant just tell them that it’s like exercising because it is. Any of Shining Light’s courses flex your understanding of pain, physical and mental, leaving you with tools to cope and – like me – offers a respite from the anxiety that is a natural part of parenting. Plus taking classes helps couples feel more confident that they know what to do instead of just flying blind.

In reality, when caring for an infant or becoming a parent there is always something unprepared for. However, the best part of Shining Light is the community surrounding it. Deena’s network has grown to include alliances with acupuncturists, therapists, and obstetricians along with other yoga instructors and doulas.

Shining Light is like a pregnancy spa with packages that include exercising, nutrition, and confident birthing courses. It almost makes me want to get pregnant again so I can take a “Conscious Conception” course, but then I wouldn’t be “accidental” mama. Yeah, three is enough anyway.

Shining Light has become just that – a light that guides you to the end and the beginning of your transition to becoming mama. It isn’t so bad really. If I can be mama so can you.

Shining Light Prenatal Education Center is celebrating their 1st Anniversary with an Open House on Sunday, January 27, 2013 between 1-4pm at 3701 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Shining Light not only hosts classes for pregnant parents, but offers creative, educational, strengthening, and relaxation classes and workshops that include networking with other mothers in the community.

The anniversary event will include a maternity and child’s clothes swap along with giveaways from the following:

A Mother’s Boutique, Green Cheeks Diaper Service, Tiny Toes Portraits, Babies R Us, and Blessed Arrivals Doulas.

Deena wants everyone to know that there will be birthday cake in honor of her eighth 29th birthday.


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