Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield presents Lights! Glamour! Action!™

March 2, 2014 @ Hienz Field  

Tickets available @ Showclix.com 

The Pittsburgh Film Office’s Lights! Glamour! Action! Gala is an annual event for over 800 attendees that enjoy the cinematic drama of dressing up and celebrating the movie industry that has touched down in our town.

On Sunday March 2nd, rather than eating popcorn on the couch, the PFO has invited local film crews, directors, producers, actors, business owners, and the community to come out and watch the Oscars in their finery.

Celebrating the celebrities and movie characters that have inspired our hair, and made for good Halloween costumes, our region’s most talented hair stylists and make-up artists will present re-creations from the decades.

Whether we like to admit it or not Hollywood has our hair, which is why the “new hair” is influenced by the “old hair”. From beehive bumps to pixie cabaret cuts, hair has been following Hollywood in this new century of hair.

This year’s Academy Award for influencing hair trends goes to……….

American Hustle

Feather, flare and curls. It helps that American Hustle brought back hot rollers and curly locks. Solid Gold baby!

Hair Stylist Christine Goodis, who will be depicting the recently iconic American Hustle characters played by Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, says, “What I see with my clientele is simply a middle part, and timeless, shiny, bouncy healthy hair.”


Amy Adams


Jennifer Lawrence


Christian Bale


My Husband, Dr Filip

Christian Bale was our Dark Knight Rises years ago and now he is our Irving. And now my husband can be a heart throb with his lion hair and receding hair line.



The 70s Feather and Flare 

Men are getting long, choppy, feathery cuts, that are one part professional and one part rock’n roll.


Charlie’s Angels


Carrie Underwo


















Girls get Fawcett and the boys get the Stones.



Ashton Kutcher



Owen Wilson Hairstyle


Great Gatsby

The 20s pixie started with Fitzgerald and has culminated with Carey Mulligan as Daisy in the recent Great Gatsby. The movie’s bold short hair cuts with headbands and scarves inspire risk-taking romance.


Carrey Mulligan

images (3)

Elizabeth Debicki


“I am doing a lot of Sassoon cuts reminiscent of the 20s,” says Goodis. “The five point cut and the Sassoon bob are all coming back again, accentuating cheekbones and jawline. They make a really strong statement.”

The 20s Demure and Elegance 

1920s-hairstyles-fingerwaves Annex - Brooks, Louise_10









“The biggest celebrity influence I have seen in modern hairstyles is the ‘shixie’, a cross between a shag and a pixie,” says Divinity Salon owner and stylist Pamela Vasey.

images (2)

Drew Barrymore

images (1)

Katie Holmes








The Help

Big Hair bumps and beehives. The look epitomized with Audrey Hepburn has come to roost once again with the return to 50s retro.

Abigail Siede, Senior Stylist from MCN Salon who is in their 4th year of participating with the event, says lots of volume and teasing is back along with big curly hair.

“Tons of pixie/ pompadour looks are in like Bruno Mars or Elvis,” says Siede. “Pink is rocking her pixie.” MCN will be depicting the iconic look of Grease, maybe with a little “Pink” infusion.


Bryce Dallas Howard


Jessica Chastain





Flashback: Grease Lightning !


Frozen  & Hunger Games

But let us not forget the recent Sochi Olympics and the Scandinavian/ Central Asian braid that came from the gitty tale of Frozen and the futuristic tale of Hunger Games.








Johnny Weir


Amy Adams










Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss


Jennifer Morrison
















In the end, the emotion and experience of a new hair style is as exhilarating as a great movie, but it lasts four weeks longer.


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