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About A.M.

When life transitions from party time to poopy diapers Accidental Mama is the alternative voice for parents who are unwed, wed, single, double, or just hanging in there.

More than just a blog, A.M. is building projects that are dedicated to the nuances of childhood and parenthood. This is a place to be honest, to laugh at our misfortunes, and to lend a hand-- because no one should be alone in accidentally screwing up someone’s childhood.

A.M. is also about community connections and collecting stories from the fringe of parenthood. Whether we are slammed into parenthood or just surprised by its massive responsibility, A.M. is about collecting those stories and lending whatever advice or funny insight that we can all share.

The retro style of A.M. recognizes a time when “accidental” parenthood was taboo. Plus, it’s really fun to dress up when you normally have snot stains on your hem.

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Sarah Lolley became an “Accidental Mama” after life as an entertainment/nightlife reporter. After all the wonderful misadventures of dating and nightlife she abruptly became pregnant and married, then pregnant again, and again.

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Tips from the world of not-so-perfect parents who change diapers in Viennese bars and have kids that pee in the middle airport security screenings.

Dedicated to the often hilarious comedy of errors and adventures that occur when travelling with children, JetWetters features travel stories and alternative recreation ideas for fabulously flawed families.

JetWetters offers first-hand experience and insight regarding global destinations, in addition to acting as a discussion forum for issues regarding airlines, hotels, babysitting services, gear rental, and special deals.

My goal is to invite parents to submit their own tales of harrowing adventures and blissful journeys as we create a community devoted to the sharing of insider info and cultural tips.

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The Childhood Project


The Childhood Project is committed to bringing awareness to the subtleties and strength of our experiences as children and dedicated to all of the ways our memories inspire our lives- and contribute to larger ambitions.

The mission of this project is to examine the extraordinary affect childhood has on our life and culture. We hope to recruit celebrities, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, interesting characters, and community members to share their memories and inspirations.

As a professional journalist, I have interviewed many artists and cultural contributors. One of the most fascinating and revealing aspects of biographical storytelling is the opportunity to explore the roots of a person. Childhood memories and seemingly insignificant incidents stay with us and become part of the ambition that forms our adult selves. For instance: the cool slip of a mother’s elegant silk dress or excursions into the wondrous woods that fill a mind with mystery. Early artistic inspiration presents itself in myriad forms and has an indelible impact on the choices we make in our lives.

The initial artists behind The Childhood Project, Brooke Schooles, Laura Petrilla, and Kathleen Lolley , are producing a series of multi-media interpretations that reflect their own early memories. With increased financial and artistic contributions, we hope to expand the collection and include work from a wide variety of creatively inspired former children.

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A.M. Team

When life transitions from party time to poopy diapers, Accidental Mama is the POV for today’s parents who are unwed, wed, single, or just hanging in there.

Sarah Lolley is the irreverent mama that decided to share her transition from party time to poopy diapers with the world. The start of the series was first published in Maniac Magazine, a Pittsburgh-based fashion and lifestyle bi-monthly publication in 2010.

Laura Petrilla is the extraordinary mama behind all the amazingly colorful retro photos that is the cornerstone of Accidental Mama. She does a lot of work for Pittsburgh Magazine as well as artists and commercial businesses.

Brooke Schooles is the multimedia mistress that created the Accidental Mama video. Her terrific talent in animation and film sequencing brought Accidental Mama to a new level by bringing all the pieces together.

Kathleen Lolley is my most talented and haunting sister who forever inspires me.